Dr. Gary Bird Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Gary Bird was a veterinarian in Tucson, Arizona and a long time board member of the Southern Arizona Veterinary Medical Association (SAVMA). He exemplified the best of the veterinary profession. He had compassion for animals and was an excellent scientist and clinician. He was humble and always strived to learn more and be the best he could be. He valued and honored his family, community, and profession.

Two scholarships of $1,000.00 each will be awarded annually at the discretion of the SAVMA Board of Directors. The qualifying student must 
1.be an Arizona resident
2.have attended the University of Arizona, and 
3.be enrolled in their first year of a post-graduate veterinary medical program at an AVMA accredited veterinary medical school.  

Applications are reviewed and scholarships awarded by the Southern Arizona Veterinary Medical Association Board of Directors. 

SAVMA will accept completed applications postmarked no later than June 30 or by email dated no later than June 30 at midnight Mountain Time. The SAVMA Board of Directors will award the scholarship(s) no later than July 15 and notify recipients by U. S. mail.


2019 Scholarship Recipients
Erin Cahill
Thomas Kile

2018 Scholarship Recipients
Leigh Kendall-Wallace
Alyssa Pires
Miriam Solinsky

2017 Scholarship Recipients
Callan Hoover
Karina Paredes