Job Bank Page

Bank Page

Benefits for SAVMA Members:

  • Access veterinary medical positions currently available
  • Be included on the relief work/job referral list

SAVMA Job Bank features available to Everyone:

  • Submit veterinarian job openings for review by SAVMA members
  • See the list of member veterinarians seeking relief work
  • Share job listings for technicians, office staff and other positions in a veterinary medical setting 


SAVMA’s Job Bank will get your position announced to over 120 veterinarian members at no cost.

SAVMA’s Job Bank lists veterinarian job openings for members.   Veterinary technician, reception, and other positions related to the practice of veterinary medicine are available for viewing by everyone.  
Submit a Job Posting

Submit the text of your job ad as you would like it to be published in word/text format along with your contact information to the
SAVMA office
Portions of the SAVMA Job Bank are password protected If you are a member and forgot the password, contact the SAVMA office.

SAVMA does not monitor job placements and removes postings over 2 months old on a regular basis. Employers are welcome to resubmit ads for positions that are still open. 

SAVMA does not edit job listings but if your listing is lengthy, we may post just a portion of your ad along with a link to the full text.

SAVMA is not involved in the creation of these opportunities and makes no representation that any job posting listed will result in employment. 

SAVMA makes no representation that candidates who respond to the postings are in any way suitable candidates for the positions listed.
Latest update posted on October 16, 2018