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As a resource for SAVMA members and the community, we have compiled a list of rattlesnake avoidance classes.  As with any service provider, SAVMA does not endorse any company or individual and recommends performing your own due diligence.  

Animal Experts
Marc Hammond

Arizona Rattlesnake Avoidance
Steve Buhrke
8181 W. Tangerine Rd.
Marana, AZ 85658

Humane Society of Southern Arizona
Rattlesnake Avoidance Classes
Tuesdays from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m., March through November
Proof of vaccinations required
Classes conducted by Arizona Animal Experts
(520) 321-3703, ext. 138

Southwest Snake Avoidance Experts

Tucson K-9 Learning Center 
Toad avoidance also available

Vanya Moreno, PhD
Animal Magnetism
Private classes

Rattlesnake Avoidance Classes
Recipients of the 2018 Gary Bird Scholarship Memorial Scholarship
Alyssa Pires, Leigh Kendall-Wallace, Miriam Solinsky
Recipients of the 2017 Gary Bird Scholarship Memorial Scholarship
Callan Hoover, Karina Paredes
SAVMA is not a veterinary medical service provider and does not offer consumers assistance or financial services. This page provides links to many resources as a courtesy to visitors to our website.
Recipients of the 2020 Gary Bird Memorial Scholarship:
Xia Quamahongnewa
Jaclyn Cubillas
Natalie Campbell
Recipients of the 2019 Gary Bird Memorial Scholarship
Erin Cahill and Thomas Kile