SAVMA is a non-profit association seeking to promote the interests of veterinary medicine, including furthering the health and welfare of animals in Arizona; to advance the cause of public health and the welfare of veterinary science in the State of Arizona and to foster, develop, and promote educational programs for veterinarians and their employees.

Our Mission

To strengthen the regional veterinary community and animal wellness through education, collaboration, and leadership.

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Southern Arizona 
Veterinary Medical Association

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Next CE Program

Thursday, September 14, 2017


Dr. Ella Bittel


Hospice Care for Companion Animals:
What to do when all we know is not enough

Animal Hospice - Why?
When is "hospice" really Hospice? 
The Quality-of-Dying Scale
Particular's of End-Stage Care • Animals' Last Wishes

Registration Deadline Thursday, Sept. 7 at Midnight